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I am not a girl in hurry
Kim Sharma

{short description of image}I am aware of my good looks. But I don't know how I acquired a sex symbol tag. I'm a normal girl who goes to church every Sunday. If the world chooses to hype my sexy image, what I can do?

For three months after Mohabbatein, nothing happened. So I went off on a nice long holiday…. Had loads of fun and I'm back.

Some silly people have been saying that I walked out of Supari because I was insecure about working with Nandita Das. I'm not an insecure type at all. I have worked with Aishwarya Rai and so many others in Mohabbatien. I was absolutely confident that I'd get noticed even in my two-and-a-half scenes.

I am not a girl in hurry. Neither am I the sort who will walk up to a filmmaker with photograph and say, 'Please cast me.' Film Producers haven't made a pass at me, and they won't either because I don't go around fluttering my eyelashes at them. I'm a self-made girl who goes to the studios alone. I don't see any reason to drag my mother along. I can look after myself.

I owe no explanation to anyone except my parents. Frankly, I've no pretensions. I've had a relationship in the past… so I won't make silly statements like I'm a virgin or that I don't know what it's like to be in a relationship.

Everyone has his or her share of grief

Nandita DasA lone person walking through the boardwalk of life. The turbulent breakers that smash across the wall and even hit you at times seem to signify the formidable tribulations that you face in your lonesome walk. And then you meet somebody, the whole picture changes. The high seas seem to serenade your togetherness. That is the power of love. Wise men say, only fools rush in but can't help falling in love with you.

Sushmita Sen is one such woman. She is the eternal lover. Compassion pours from every pore of Ms. Sen. She touches everyone who she comes in contact with, men especially. And yet, there she represents Ally McBeal culture, loneliness at the end of the day. Everyone has his or her share of grief. Beginning with director Vikram Bhatt, with whom she had a long relationship but not lasting. Sush and Vikram were gracefully open about their relationship. Equally gracefully were they when parting ways. Unlike most actresses, who go mudslinging when grapes turn sour, Sush instead accepted the failure of the relationship as an enriching experience.

She says " I don't believe in animosity between two people. Vikaram and me had some differences as two individuals so there was some friction. But we are still fond of each other as friends and that'll never change."

Sourav Ganguly and Nagma. What is there to hide?

Nandita DasJust a few months back, the entire media went to town discussion his secret rendezvous with Nagma at a Shiva temple in Sri Kalahasti, Andhra Pradesh. There were rumors that the two got engaged over there. When the media questioned Gangulay about it, he maintained, "Ask me anything but this." Sourav Ganguly isn't ashamed of his relationship with Nagma. And it's only a matter of time before he decides to publicly acknowledge his love for her.

Following the Sri Kalahasti temple incident, Gaunguly's family has been trying their best to make amends between Sourav and Dona. But reports indicate that the irreconcilable differences between the two are too messy to be resolved. Dona is busy with her own life, doing her own thing with the dance institute that she has founded. But her absence at a time of crisis certainly raises a lot of eyebrows.

I like to be liked

Nandita DasA lot of people tell me that I have a warm smile. I get my smiles from my parents. I think a smile can lift everybody's day. That's why I always make a point to smile at everyone, however tired I might be. I like to be liked. If a little bit of thoughtfulness on your part can make a person like you, why not?

I hate any kind of tension around me. So, I'm always trying to make things light. In all these years, I haven't had any problem with anyone. But fans expect you to be nice to them all the times. There are times when you can't oblige them. We have our moods too. A normal person can snap at his friends or colleague or anyone around, if he's in a bad mood. But if a star does that, a big issue is made of it.

I think it's too early to pass a judgment on me as an actress. Other actresses too have their time in establishing their credentials. I will need time to find what my niche is. I'll make my share of mistakes and learn from them. That's how one grows.


Nandita DasAjay says "I just laugh over such baseless rumors. They will die their own death. I don't even want to react to them. As long as the people concerned and I know that it's not true, it doesn't really matter." But, apparently, this rumor has gone so far to add that this liaison has caused a rift between him and his wife, to such an extent that Kajol has packed her bags and gone back to her mother's house. And Tanuja is supporting daughter Kajol in filing for a divorce and returning to acting. He becomes serious, "There's no rift whatsoever with my wife. We're a very happy couple so I don't even want to react to such bullshit. People can say whatever they want." Thereby ending all speculations about his marriage being in trouble.

Talking about Kajol, being a fantastic actress, she has been a performer par excellence. To the extent of standing out in bad film too. Unfortunately, she's not doing any other film at present except Karan Johar's 'Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Ghum. Ajay clarifies, "Nothing's decided as yet." And about Kajol not doing any other film, Ajay, on his wife's behalf, adds, "It's entirely her choice. If she likes to do a particular film, she'll go ahead and to it. Kajol has to get excited about the subject, and I don't think she's got charged up about any films that might have been offered to her. It's totally her decision to do the kind of film that she wants to do."

Ajay appears to be in total control. As an adept pilot who steers his plane through storms to safety, Ajay guides his life through squalls, both personal and professional. There's not the slightest doubt about Ajay hitting a hat-trick at the bull's eye.


Films have told me why are we the way we are

Nandita DasEarlier I used to almost shy away from the fact that I was supposed to be an actress. I did street theatre much before I got into acting. There, what one wants to say, one's idealism, beliefs and aspirations to change the society is more important than how one is performing. But, in a way, that was my first formal exposure to acting. Then I did a little bit of theatre, a couple of short run serials.

'Fire' was my first major film, but it wasn't my first film. Before 'Fire' I did one film 'Ek Thi Gunja' by a new director. It was for thNandita Dase international film festival. The film was released on TV, but like many small art films it died a silent death.

'Fire' was a love story between two women. This is an issue that we have been shoving under the carpet for a long time. But, someone has had the courage to bring it up, which I think is extremely commendable.

When you see exposure on the screen, you could say that it is done with an intention of being artistic. But the same can also mean obscenity for some. How do you know if it is really needed or is it just for titillation? I find many of the song and dance numbers in regular films where you see pelvic thrusts, camera zooming into cleavages, quite disgusting and quite regressive. That is sensationalism. Not 'Fire'. We as a people are not used to seeing reality. When reality is stark, we become far more uncomfortable than something little more classic. If there is a lot of skin showing in that, people find it okay. It's just a matter of perspective and what one is used to seeing.

And 'Water' was history repeated. People felt that it was just sensationalism; though there was nothing sensational in the script. It just talks about the plights of widows, which still exists in Benaras. Is it sensational to talk about that? And is it bringing down one's own country? It's time we are honest and critical about things that are happening in our country and raise a voice about it. What is cinema? Isn't it supposed to be a slice of life? If various things happening around you cannot move you, then you are insensitive. Films are a very expensive and effective medium. You cannot just sit at home and watch it. There has to be some consciousness in the film.

As I said, I entered films by default. My reason for entering films was because I enjoyed my work. I enjoyed acting, the idea of going different places, playing different roles, and being a part of an interesting story. My reason for entering films was neither to please the masses, nor the classes. Neither to get name nor fame. People find it strange on my part to select so few films despite getting so many offers. They ask me 'Do you want to earn money or not?' But then, I feel how much does one need to survive comfortably? If your keep looking up all the time, and keep wanting more, you'll never be satisfied and happy. If you look down, you'll find yourself reasonably privileged.


Diya MizzaFor me, life begins and ends with love

(Diya Mizza, a girl from Hyderabad, who won the coveted Miss India title and went on to bag the Miss-Asia-Pacific crown.)

Success has to be dealt with only when you realize you are successful and I don't consider myself successful yet. Agreed that even a small feat that you achieve in your life is success, in a way. But it's the standards that you set for yourself in life that determine achievement.

I'll work towards humanitarian causes irrespective of whether I make proclamations about them or not. Let me speak for myself. Every human being would like to do something good to someone else. The best way to feel good about oneself is to do good to others. I feel maximum satisfaction within myself when I do good to others. I have never claimed to be Mother Teresa, nor have I professed a desire towards doing extraordinary work.

Charity begins at home, but it doesn't stop you from doing housework, does it? In fact, if you are a film star, people relate to you better and you can help so many more people and do so much more because of your clout. How could that affect my charitable work? It is so amazing that the film industry is participating in so many humanitarian acts and aiding social work. I'm very proud to be a part of it and to see everyone so active in helping each other.

I took up movies because the medium fascinated me and I have always loved acting. I love the camera. I thought to myself that if I say 'No' now, and regret it five years down the line, this break would never come back to me.

Belief in oneself is one aspect that can make anybody scale new heights. Understanding your weaknesses is extremely important. One should know how to convert them into positives. I know my strengths and I know where I can go wrong. I'll never fool myself. I can never look into the mirror and delude myself that 'I'm the best,' when I'm probably not. But as long as I give my best, I'm satisfied. The degree of confidence with which you walk into a room can make heads turn. On other hand, you could be the most beautiful person and yet go unnoticed. My only biggest assert is my confidence.

I'm truly single. And it is difficult. There are a lot of times when you need someone, but don't have anyone. And there are moments when you don't want attention and keep getting it. I haven't met one. But it's easy to be the one for me. There's no specific formula I've cooked up for my kind a guy. Nobody has made love blossom in my heart yet. Love is life. For me, life begins and ends with love.


Preeti  JhangianiI've had lots of crushes

I don't keep any rigid rules that the man of my life should be from the industry. If it happens, it happens. If he's a film star, maybe he'll be even less understanding because he'll have seen a lot of romances happening on the sets. Who knows? So, there are no rules for me. In my life everything has happened suddenly and I'm sucked into situations. So, maybe when it happens to me, I'll be pulled into the whirlpool of love.

Of course, I have fallen in love a number of times, and I'm not denying them. I've had lots of crushes and I've had boyfriends also. But they have never really been serious or long-term relationships that I'd want to be committed to or get married. It's just been school girl's crushes, flings. But, when you start getting deeply involved, you start seeing the bad side of the person. I don't know why this has to happen, but it does.

Girls grow faster anyway, so you should have a really mature guy by your side. He could be elder to you. We fall in love with the image of a person rather than the real person. There are too many complexities, too many frailties that go into a relationship. It's so tough to comprehend a human mind and keep a relationship.

See, acting is like any another profession. So, it's a wrong notion that actresses are not capable of giving. In fact, actresses can well display their love and in a relationship sometimes you need to express your feelings. The problem is only the time constraints that are weighing on you. You need to be with a person, do things together, and grow together. But it's just not possible with our hectic schedules.


Kim SharmaEvery path has it's own stumbling blocks

I never planned to get into films. I was very happy being a model, because I was doing the best of campaigns. And, honestly, unlike models; so that it would be a stepping-stone to get into films. I was doing good ads, making money to take care of myself and that's all that mattered. But, one day, I got a call from Yashji's office. Since I am not a film-film kind of person, I couldn't really figure out what it was. So, I almost refused till the voice at the other end explained everything to me. After that, things just fell into place and here I am.

One of the reasons that I was very apprehensive about getting into films was that I was doing pretty well as a model. And I didn't want to get into films and make all the wrong moves. But, now I have decided that since I have taken a plunge into films, I am going to give it my best shot.

I am very confident about myself. It didn't make any difference to me that there were two other females in the film. Besides, why would I feel insecure? It was explained to us right from the beginning that all our roles were very different. If there was no point of intersection, then why would I have to worry?

However, every path has it's own stumbling blocks. We were bound by a contract and hence, couldn't sign any other film until 'Mohabbatein' released. Well, that did get frustrating, at times. And since there was so much curiosity associated with us due to the fact that we were signed under the Yash Chopra banner, offers were pouring in. But there's no one to blame for that. When I signed the contract, I was very well aware of what I was getting in to.


Preety ZintaI love all my heroes.

Well, I'd be lying if I say there's nobody in my life. I have been out on dates sometimes, if I've had the chance. I've liked someone if he's nice, but if I have to tell everybody that I'm going around with him. If you go out with a person a few times, you discover some habit of his that irritates the hell out of you. I love all my heroes. They're my part time lovers. I've decided to make a profession out of breaking marriages.

And who has the time, anyway? If I find someone cute, by the time I can spell cute, it's time to go back and work. I've been hanging out and meeting people. There has to be a common ground between us. That common ground comes when you have ample of time to go out, party or even just sit together, which is really not there for people like us.

I want to be on my guard right now. What if that person doesn't think about me like that? It'll make me look stupid if he were to turn around and say that he didn't have any such thing in this mind. I want to be sure about it before saying anything concrete.

When Mark broke off with me, ego was hurt more than my heart. He had said he could never fall in love with another woman after me. But the next thing I realize, he's found someone within five months of our breaking off. I'm really taken aback when I think was this my only value to him?

Mahima Chaudhary
"I used to have a huge crush on my physics teacher."
{short description of image}"Someone will find you when you're lost. I also look for permanency. I should want to spend my entire life with him. There has to be the ever-after-feeling."

"According to me, the perfect man-woman relationship happens only when both of them want similar things. They should want to tread similar paths. A couple that holds hands stays together."

"I'm not the impulsive sort. I think 500 times before I do something like let a man know my feelings." "I used to have a huge crush on my physics teacher. In fact, all the girls in the class were madly in love with him. The day he married, we felt terribly cheated. It was almost as if he had dumped us. When I saw Sylvester Stallone in Cobra, I went crazy. Then there was a Mel Gibson phase. Now it's Brad Pitt."

"If I like a guy, I just can't bring myself to talk to him. I pretend to ignore him completely. I'm rude, even obnoxious with him."

"Nothing can turn me on more than a guy who looks at me with love-stacked eyes."

Renuka Sahane
My priority will always be my home.
renukaWe first met at the trial of Jayate. Then during Divali he called up but I wasn't at home. Since he hadn't left a number, I could not call him back. He called again after a few days. We were on the phone for over an hour-and-a-half. We vibed well. From that day we were on the phone every day, chatting for at least a couple of hours.

In November 1998, I was in Goa for an outdoor for the Antakshari serial. I missed Ashutosh terribly. When he called at night, he recited a poem. At the end he asked me what the poem was all about. Spontaneously, I said, "Love," That was the first time I told him that I loved him. And he told me he loved me too.

We do make mistakes and learn from them. There may have been problems if I'd been in the habit of changing partners at regular intervals. If that had been the case, I wouldn't have found the time to know my partners or even myself for that matter. Neither Ashutosh nor any member of his family has ever made an issue of the fact that I'd been married before. Our relationship was never a stepping stone to marriage. In fact, we were really scared that problems might crop up after marriage.

We wondered how we'd manage our shootings schedules. We even thought of a ceremony at Shirdi but Guruji insisted it should be at the Shiva temple in Bandakpur. He also helped us out with the arrangements. One lakh people turned up at the temple that day.

We have an unwritten rule that we won't work on the same project. I'm not too ambitious. I may not continue acting forever. Ranaji wants me to turn to direction. But my priority will always be my home. We've spent time together setting up our new home. And that was more thrilling than any honeymoon. But yes, I do want to visit Goa with Ranaji. That's where we first confessed our love for each other.

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