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It is a Soul-Body health care system. It is based on the ancient Indian concept that diseases result when you forget who you really are. The Maya or pretense which you develop form birth onwards masks the real you (the 1) from the false face of ego or Maya personality, the 'Me'. So Chetana Therapy probably is the only therapy in the world which goes to this depth to tackle the cause of the cause of ailments. It is not only curative, but also preventive in the sense that once you know who you really are, you are disease-free.

How does Chetana Therapy achieve this stupendous task? It is simple; it helps you to focus your awareness inwards. It helps you develop the faculty of perceiving finer and finer vibrations of energy until you cross the Panchendriya mediated levels of perception to the level of extra sensory perception or higher sense perception.

Thus Chetana Therapy is more a new life style taught than a new medicine administered. It is the traditional Satwik life style of ancient Indian civilization where the energy field of human is aligned to the energy field of the universe. The human energy field (HEF) is a part of the universal energy field (UEF). HEF is the same as UEF. Aham Brahmasmi.

Chetana Therapy aims to expand your field of perception to enable you to see your true self, unmask the false pretense of Ego shield and then you are a new person with a new outlook in life with new personal tasks and new life tasks.

The Chetana Therapy uses a holistic combination of various alternative therapies to achieve this object.

Physical exercises and Kalaripayattu
Yogic postures
Japa Meditation
Foot marma therapy
Negativeion therapy
Hydro therapy
Ayurveda with massage & baths
Chinese acupressure
Homeopathy & Radionics
Sidha Medicine
Magneto therapy
Kerala marma Aroma therapy
Music therapy
Gems therapy
Chromo therapy

And as a very special feature *The Garden Fresh Vegetarian Lunar Satwik Diet". All around the world these various forms is alternative therapies are available in bits and pieces. At some places you get Yoga therapy, some places you get Music therapy, in many centers Ayurveda, in yet other centers Homeopathy, but it is probably only at SANJIVANI that you get all these alternative therapies judiciously combined under one roof. In Chetana Therapy the main thrust in on Chetana, the soul, the Atma, the essence of everything, the force behind everything living and non living in this universe. It is intangible, spiritual, you can not see it, but it is the force which helps you to see.

Chetana is the essence of every thing- the force, which holds the charged particles of an atom together, the force that is in the magnet, the force that makes a seed grow up into a tree, the force which gives man his consciousness, the force which gives every living thing its property and personality. This sensitive all pervading life force is the basis of health and harmony for all and prevents diseases and ill health.

Chetana is the same as, Atma, Parjna, Prana, Soul. Upanishads describe it as Brahman or self. Brahman is the power which is behind the mind to think, eyes to see, ears to hear. Thus Chetana which is Self of Brahman is the eye of the eye, ear of the ear, breath of the breath, mind of the mind. It is not the one that mind can comprehend. It is the one by which mind comprehends.

All this universe is one with Chetana as it gives life to all beings, assumes all forms, animates and illumines all.

Our body is from Panchabhootha (ether, air, fire, water and earth) and the Panchendriya (sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch) hold the body together, but it is Chetana, the supreme primal energy that makes them do their functions.

So, Chetana is the supersensory world and the controlling force. To realize this you must steer you mind to a plane higher than the physical plane. This is the fourth dimension and is the sixth sense of Extra Sensory Perception (ESP).

The Panchendriyas give us an idea of the physical world around us. They, however, restrict our information to their range of sensitivity which has only a limited boundary. The sound we hear is between 20 and 2000 cycles per second and ultrasonic is far greater than this limited range. We see only one fifth of the Electromagnetic Radiation Spectrum. Only the VIBGYOR range is visible. The infrared is felt as heat, and ultraviolet, X-rays and Gamma rays are not seen, even though their disastrous effects are felt.

So, what we see, hear, smell taste or touch is within a very small range just sufficient to sustain our life. The range beyond our sensibility is very vast. This explains why a very vast area of our brain is apparently 'silent' without any discernable function assessable by scientific parameters.

This power of ESP is something which we can achieve by Yogic Sadhanas. First you have to cast off your restrictive ways of thinking and open up your mind to the existence of this wide real world which is supersensible. The Kirlian photography and Kil1ner Screen have proved the Electromagnetic emanation of Chetana from human body. They have thus proved the existence of a supersensible force which surrounds and influences and is influenced by human body. This force is Chetana.

In the last issue we discussed the concept of chetana, this week we are giving a brief outline of the various therapies which form part of the Chetana Therapy.

Yoga is a personal self- help system of health care with the added element of spiritual development. It is a popular health and spiritual practice in India for thousands of years.

Hata Yoga is the art of good health through 'Asanas'. The intricacies of breathing as Pranayama and as Swara Yoga and of posture are practiced here. Easily reproducible postures and movements are done to produce predictable results in bodily functions. Over the years, there is a mass of experimental proof of the many beneficial effects of Hata Yoga on body functions and spiritual development.

Pranayama is the cardinal aspect of our whole life, not because we get oxygen and eliminate carbon-di-oxide but because it vitalizes the autonomic nervous system. When we are tense our breath is shallow, irregular and uncontrolled; so yoga training starts with teaching of proper Yogic breathing or 'Pranayama' which helps to calm the mind and allows the person to go deep into meditational state. At this stage the life forces of the physical body come into harmony and balance to eradicate the disease process and normalize health..

Meditation is a practice by which there is constant observation of the mind. Without meditation you cannot obtain knowledge of self or Chetana. Without meditation you cannot reach the divine state and you cannot liberate yourself from the trammels of the mind and attain immortality.

Electromagnetic force is akin to cosmic energy manifesting as Chetana, so it can be used with great advantage to treat and cure many a human ailment. Even form early times, magnet was shown to attract martial humours from human body, and so, was used successfully to treat inflammations. The vedic literature and later the Charaka Samhita expound the virtues of magnet or Ashman as a healing agent in cervical spondylosis, arthritis, sciatica etc.

Color energy is an ancient art of healing in India. In Kerala, the 'Kalams' used in Tantric medicine have their own healing effect and are revered. Mention of the use of color energy is there in Charaka Samhita. It was a popular practice in ancient Greece. The healing Temples at Heliopolis of Egypt used color and light for cure of diseases.

Sound like color is a powerful energy force which can have harmful as well as beneficial effects. In Chetana Therapy, we make use of its beneficial effects in the form of vocal and instrumental music to normalize the Chetana energy flow through the Chakras. Man's audile range of sound frequency is 20 to 20 thousand cycles per second and even within this range noise pollution by continous audible sounds can have harmful effects on the biological systems as can be seen in the mental and physical ailments among dwellers near airports.

With supersonic air travel, people residing near airports do go mad. We hear sounds even when we sleep and so those who reside by highways do not get restful sleep. High environmental noise of machinery in factory can cause deafness among its employees.

Marma massage using aromatic oils extracted from plants with the perfumes of appropriate natural flowers permeating the room is the most attractive part of Chetana Therapy. Plant extracts have been used as medicines for centuries in India and China and they have stood the test of time.

The whole success of Chetana Therapy depends on accurate diagnosis and the scientific and systematic approach of Modern Medicine is probably the best for it, even though Aura-diagnosis by the energized hands of the healer is also developing fast.

Ayurveda is the Science of life. It helps cure diseases. It preserves the health of those who are healthy. It is based on Tridosha Theory of Vatha, Pitha, and Kapha. These three are the primary life forces of the body which itself develops from Panchabhoota.

Homoeopathy, discovered by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann of Germany is based on the principles that

1. Agents which produce certain signs and symptoms in health, also cure those diseases which produce the same signs and symptoms.
2. The more a drug is diluted, the more potent it becomes.

This system is recognized by law and is very popular in India today. Like treating like, is scoffed off by practitioners of Modern Medicine even to-day even though they know that X-rays and Radiations can cause Cancer as well as cure it, and the present day Electronic and Computer Sciences are providing the answers for the Energy concepts of Homeopathy.

Chinese Medical System is as old as Ayurvedic medical system and is as Holistic as well. The fundamental concepts are very similar to Ayurveda and have their basis in Confucianism and Taoism.

The polarities of nature were intuited by sages as Yang and Yin, the primordial pair of opposites. This is the basic principle which guides the movements of TAO and constitutes the seminal principle of Chinese Medicine. The Yang and Yin are in a state of dynamic interplay in which they cease to be opposites but become each other. There is always Yin in Yang and Yang in Yin.

Satwik diet for persons undergoing Chetana Therapy is based on the advice which Lord Krishna gives to Arjuna in Bhagavat Gita. This yogic diet is an extremely simple vegetarian diet for Satwik life. Here the following articles are forbidden: sour, hot, pungent and bitter preparations, salt, mustard, asafetida, chillies, tamarind, sour-curd, meat, egg, fish, beef, pork, onions, garlic, stale foods, alcoholic liquors, acidic things, over ripe or under ripe fruits and other articles which disagree with your system.

The Satwik articles of diet are milk butter, ghee, paddy, dried and dehusked as red rice, wheat, raggi, germinated black gram, green gram, horse gram, Bengal gram, jaggery (candy of palm) leafy vegetable (knees, arathikeera, moringa) vegetables like plantain stem, ladies finger, peas, beans, clusterbeans, bitter gourd, ash gourd, snake gourd, pumpkin, cucumber, dried, ginger, Bombay capsicum, pepper, honey, fruits like banana, plantain, oranges, grapes, mangoes, papaya, pears, guava, water melon, apple, pineapple and dates.

Chetana Therapy is a training in new spiritually oriented Satwik life style. If a person follows it with devotion it will enable him to lead a life of positive health, free from disease.

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