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The phenomenal development in the usage of electronics at homes, offices, factories, telecommunication networks, military electronic equipments, electro medical equipments for diagnosis and therapy have all added to the ionizing and nonionizing radiations around human beings with consequent long-term sequel of cancers, mental diseases, degenerative diseases, autoimmune diseases, autoimmune diseases and so on.

Electropollution causes damage to all living creatures by electromagnetic energy. Man has existed on this planet for three million years, but only during the 20th century has he used electromagnetic energy for almost everything from home or office, factories and transportation and for media communication across the world and on to world beyond in the outer space.

Every benefit nature provides has some inherent risks of biological price which is dangerous; for sun worship you pay up with skin cancers as the sun is the most important source of electromagnetic energy. The fear of the loss of ozone layer which filters sun's ultra violet rays in the upper atmosphere, is real and widespread, as it can extinguish organic life on earth. Thus hazards of electro pollution are in many insidious forms.

X-rays are 'ionizing' rays, as they knock out electrons out of atoms they encounter, and it is only part of the electromagnetic spectrum, and even the non ionizing portion poses the same hazards as the ionizing ones over a longer period. The concept of cerebral morphic resonance (CMR) is the most advanced concept in biology to warrant establishment acceptance. The invisible threats of electropollution by electromagnetic mechanism are seen as many present diseases.

The human body is an electrically conducting fluid. Any fluctuating magnetic field in this conducting fluid produces electric currents. Besides, each cell has its electric potential which gets affected by this electric current - long term disruptive effects, especially when combined with other ever increasing fields in our environment.

The visual display units, which are now becoming very common computer accompaniments, spray electrons into the operators, especially women of child bearing age causing miscarriages, deformed children, low birth weights and still-birth.

Fluroscent lights are hazardous. So also staying in buildings close to high-tension wires can lead to leukemia in children, depression, suicides and abnormal births in adults.

Look around you! Many suffer from insomnia. Many are down with high blood pressur or are sick with migraine, asthma, pruritus and positive HIV viruses. This is a miserable state of affaris.

In spite of all the technological advances we neither know how we come to be alive nor that how we remain alive. We do not even know how to control shape of our bodies. While alive, the function of million of brain cells is still an enigma for us. Despite eradication of communicable diseases like small pox, plague, polio etc., a number of other mysterious, deadly diseases have taken over their place and man has thus become too stressed, too aggressive, nasty and brutish and diseased as he was three millennia ago.

We are like monkeys playing in frightened yet curious amazement with a toy mouse when it comes to understanding of the function of the brain.

Brain can receive and respond telecommunication energy which you are not consciously aware of. There are other critical substances and systems within our brain which are as remote to us as the rings of Saturn, which can modulate the activity of others-the animal magnetism of Mesmer. Thus brain is biology's last frontier.

Illness of psychological origin has physical effects. Eighty percent of cancer patients have suffered serious stress trauma within the previous two year period.

Holistic medicine talks about mind healing the body. PNI tells you how brain affects body's immune system through biochemistry, rather than through electronics; but chemical substances are bound by electronic forces. By biochemical means alone you cannot explain action at a distance which is possible only through CMR and not by hormones released from brain cells.

During sleep the healing brain takes up repair work of our bodies.
(1) Sleep is a period of restoration and repair.
(2) It is an adaptive response to conserve energy.
The very high-tension power supporting wires of 275 and 400 KV lines can induce electromagnetic field up to 100 metres away, and residents living in the belt are prone to leukemia.

Stopping the efforts of magnetic field is more difficult than stopping the electric field, because the latter attenuates more slowly and can get through most substances, especially water, which coinstitutes 85% of man's weight.

Fluctuating current causes more damage than the steady one, the latter can be handled better by the brain. There will be same effect if you repeatedly cross the electromagnetic field in a geopathic stress zone. The effect of magnet on your colour TV is drastic if you bring it close to the screen. It will (1) Distort the image on the screen, (2) People watching TV will get green faces for a few hours, (3) Brains also will get affected; the effect on your brain can get transmitted to others in the house as can be detected by EEG. This is a mechanism of interpersonal communication of telepathy and also of transmission of the progressive genetic ideas of the evolution process in a way quicker than the Darwinian 'natural selection' process.

The initial sings of electrostress are on the psychological state of man, especially depressive psychosis, and manical violence. Let the psychiatrists remember this and get their patients out of the electromagnetic field. Besides these, cardiovascular effects like hypertension, IHD, epilepsy and dizziness also occur by electro pollution.

Radio transmission can have impact on biological system. If a human being is brought into contact with a specimen of diseased organic tissue, or even near X-rays, the stomach muscles register a change.

Power frequency electromagnetic fields induce biological effects. Visible and ultraviolet frequencies cause pernicious damages to cells. Persistente exposure to sun by a white man may cause skin cancer, as the ultraviolet radiation of sun rays has cancer producing effect by damaging the genetic material, DNA. Twenty percent of kidney transplant patient develop skin cancer within a decade. AIDS patients also have a tendency to develop skin cancer. Above and below the microwave and radio frequencies electromagnetic energy causes cancer. Radio frequencies also have carcinogenic effect.

The radio frequency (RF) stations caused change in T & B lymphocytic cells and reduced their immunocompetence. The radar and other defence communication also cause damage to human CNS. The towers of these installations and those of Door Darshan, civil air traffic, the Air Force and of the Electricity Board are clustered together, all powered by ELF systems, and cause irreparable damage to human CNS.

The ozone layer is also affected by the transmission towards it by power line grids; people who reside near these electromagnetic zone sites are vulnerable to meningitis, tension and headache. Down's syndrome is also common in such zones.

All radiations do have cumulative effect when absorbed by tissues which radiate energy to each other. The ionizing radiative elements, dissipate their energy only slowly. The same applies to non ionizing radiations. Long-duration exposure to even very weak, electromagnetic energy has its bad effect, cancer in particular and mental diseases in general. The electromagnetic waves act as a trigger and these are the events for which the biological system is already prepared. The CNS of children is particularly vulnerable to cancer by electromagnetic energy. So, electromagnetic energy is a great environmental hazard causing mental illness, emotional unstability and volatility, depression, learning difficulty etc, in children. We are today irradiated by the electromagnetic energy to a very high toxic level. It may be an important factor behind AIDS which is not viral in origin. Leukemia is another important complication, especially by non ionizing electromagnetic energy

Building is man's third skin, his clothes are his second. Building is more complex than the clothes as it has to take care of the second and first skins. The well-bring of your body depends on correct location of the building you live in, avoiding geopathic stress zones and electromagnetic fields. Pay attention to geometry, general arrangement, shape of building with nontoxic ecologically sound building materials, with suitable colours, texture and aroma. Remember every building is a superstructure above earth's surface. The electrons tend to congregate at the sharp bends.

Pyramid-shaped buildings are the best. Above, the pyramids ions cause eddy currents. The apex of pyramids have profusion of negative ions and earth is also mildly electronegative. Mountains also have plenty of negative ions and hence serve as holiday resorts. So also sea shores have plenty of negative ions.

Negative ions are good, positive ions are bad. In cities the negative ionconcentration decreases because electrical appliances, like AC, producing and discharging positive ions causing health risk to office workers. Ionizer negative ion generator should be a must or every office, otherwise the positive ions will cause headache, drowsiness, nausea and changes in EEG. Our blood cells are responsive to the beneficial effect of negative ions. On full moon days post-operative bleeding is most severe, as there will be more positive ions in the atmosphere because the moon is pulled towards earth by sun's gravitational force causing the ionosphere to be squeezed towards earth and the inner side of the ionosphere is positively charged. Plastic materials hold positive ions while wood holds negative ions.

The notion of 'sick building' is becoming real and mental tension, asthenia, depression, headaches occur due to negative ions deficit due to atmospheric pollution and electric equipments.

A mother's electromagnetic shield can protect the new born in the positive ion-studded maternity hospitals. A sleeping baby will synchronize its breathing with that of its mother even if there is no physical contact.

A new house may give a baby to a sterile couple. Ecologically fulfilling houses really work as third skin. Modern architecture constructs sick buildings which cannot breathe or sweat like our skin, so they cannot admit negative ions from the atmosphere because they are made of plastic and glass. The old French chateaux have porous walls which absorb moisture and on evaporation cool the rooms.

Modern synthetic materials, like nylon, are susceptible to electrostatic charges which have impact on body cells, and which, in the long run, cause harm. Natural fibres like cotton and wood are themselves cells, porous and are electrically neutral.

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