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Magnetic therapy is widely used in Rheumatic disorders, nonarticular rheumatism, leucoderma, menstrual disorders, hypertension and asthma.

Even cancer is becoming amenable to magneto therapy, use of magnetism in Agriculture is a pioneer work of Russians. Magnets increase and improve the shelf life of fruits, vegetables. Human body is transparent to magnetic field which acts at once on the body use a whole.

The sugar, oil, protein content of seeds and fruits increases with south pole magnetized water.

Cooked foods remains us-spoiled for longer periods if kept on North pole. While south pole increase fermentation.

1. South pole helps fermentation of liquors and increases Growth of moulds and bacteria. It promotes dense vegetable growth and gives bigger size flowers and fruits.
2. North pole retards growth of bacteria and plants and causes sparse vegetative growth, decreases fermentation rate of alcohol. It increases shelf-life of cooked foods.
3. North pole arrests growth of bacteria, so putrefaction of cells is decreased while South Pole increase putrefaction. So North Pole is applied over infected wounds. Human life span can be extended up to 400 yrs with suitable power of magnetic fields. So magnet is the best answer to ageing process.
4. Cancer cannot exist in a magnetic field. North pole applied to tumour causes shrinkage of the tumour, cancer cells have excessive frequency of cell vibration, which is normalized by magnet.
5. Cows yield more milk with magnet therapy using North Pole.
6. In Japan, effects of magnet in high blood pressure, Bursitis, constipation and fatigue were studied in detail and this led to the commercial production of cosmetic articles like wrist bands for hypertension, Belts for constipation, neck-laces to keep ladies young and belts for lumbago.
7. Magnet is good for Rheumatism, myalgia, kidney stones. In such cases use magnetized water.
8. Magnet is used to separate RBC from blood.

There is a continuous influence of celestial magnetism on lower and higher forms of life. Human body is also affected by natural magnetism. If also acts as a magnet unit. Every cell works as a magnet unit. Every cell works as a micromagnet. So different organs have different powers of magnetic field depending on their biological activity.

Magnetic dowsing or Radiesthesia is study of disease, where distant diagnosis is important. It is becoming popular all over world.

It is based on the principle that magnetic emanations form our body concentrate on the little pendulum used in magnetic dowsing. The pendulum thus utilizes the subtle variations in the altered magnetic emanation of different organs and tells you about any morbidity in any organ.

For health, there should be harmony between the different groups of cells in the body. Geomagnetic activity has definite control over this harmony. Heart attacks occur when there is fluctuation in terrestrial magnetism. Increased solar activity as shown by sunspots or sun storms or solar flares increase solar magnetic field producing increased violent behaviour in man and animals. Sudden Geomagnetic disturbances cause increased effect on the biomagnetic potentials of all living beings. This leads to increased Cardiovascular diseases in man and increased Neuropsychic disorders. There is increased incidence of various types of epileptic attacks also during such solar storms. This is an example of its toxic pathogenic effects on all organisms.

Heart attacks occur when he Earth's magnetic field increase by 3-4 times, and the pulsating fields, react with human heart of brain and trigger heart-attacks and mental symptoms.

The permanent magnets now made, have stabilizing effect on human organism. They bring about harmony and equilibrium in the biomagnetic potential in the various organs of the body. This explains the soothing effect of magnet in mental diseases.

All human tissues, brain heart, kidney, skin, lungs, gastro-intestinal and genito-urinary tracts have a 24 hour biorhythm, during which thousands of biochemical reactions occur in a predetermined manner and provide proper energy for that organism. In disease, the biorhythm of various organs is disturbed. This is particularly so in cancer. Magneto-therapy is to restore this to normal biomagnetic rhythm and potential. Blood is the most important medium of magnetic therapy. Magnet influences the conductivity and other properties of blood, including separation of RBCs, which are greatly influenced because of iron in haemoglobin. The increased circulation in various organs produces enhanced metabolic activity and quick disposal of waste.

Improved circulation leads to quick all-round healing. Magneto therapy increase wound healing, promotes health and sense of well-being, improves circulation and increases resistance power to disease, decreases fatigue and improves vigour.

ESR is markedly affected by magneto therapy, north pole magneto helps arrest infection. South pole on Right hand slows heart rate, while south pole on left palm, increases heart rate. Regular use of magnetized water help to dissolve our atherosclerotic plaque.

Magnet helps speedy and effective disposal of waste (Pus and inflammatory exudates) giving relief in arthritis, septicaemia and urinary infection. There is also increased Na excretion in urine. Considerable improvement occurs in respiration with magneto therapy. The increased oxygen of blood helps in Asthma, bronchitis and lung congestion South Pole opens up the spastic bronchii and bronchioles and increases the ease of breathing in asthma.

Different types of aches and pains from tooth ache to dysuria and dysmenorrhoea quickly respond to magneto-therapy, it gives sure positive effects in alleviating pain. The magnet is also known as Instant Pain Killer - sciatica, Osteo-arthritis, and Rheumatiod arthritis responds best to Magneto therapy.

Positive effects of Magneto-therapy can also be observed in various cases of endocrinopathies. Magnets help improve memory, intelligence, concentration and understanding. It also helps in Psychosomatic disorders, tension and stress states. It has soothing effect in insomnia.

Skin and hair get their form corrected by Magnet. Magneto-therapy is effective in Leucoderma, Seborrhoea, Psoriasis, greying of hair, hair-falling etc.

Magneto-therapy is effective in obesity. It helps in harmonizing the functions of various organs heart, lungs, kidney, brain etc. It improves the immunological system and self-regulating faculty of human body.

For common disorders like dyspepsia, flatulence, diarrhoea good results are obtained by the use of magnet. Magnetised water is effective in many digestive and urinary complaints, painful urination, kidney stones etc.

Systematic use of magnet in cancers is very effective to arrest growth and spread. Cancers cannot exist in a strong magnet field. North pole has powerful effect in hard and cystic and malignant tumours.

Herring's laws of cure state that disease is a subtle force which deranges the vital force of an organism. Natural flow of this in disease is from outer to inner, so for cure redirect this force from within to with-out. Disease travels downwards from above and so for cure, from below up. Don't attempt to interrupt nature's efforts at cure or reverse the natural direction of disease. So treat in consonance with natural laws, match subtle natural force to tackle subtle disease force. Here lies the importance of magnet.

Magneto therapy works on the natural laws of magnet. It affects the whole body by effecting magnetic equilibrium between various organs and their functions.

Jesus Christ on whom the 7 wise men of the East bestowed the knowledge of healing the sick, used the faculty of human magnetism to cure human ailments. It was not mere magical cure.

Applied Biomagnetics: Numerous types of magnets are available

Strong Encased Magnets (SEM): Cylindrical magnets used in pairs 2000G. It is best for complaints of kidney stone with painful urination, dysmenorrhoea, Rheumatiod Arthritis, Cervical Spondylosis, Lumbago with sciatica and Eczema. They are useful for magnetizing water and oils.

Medium Power Encased Magnets (MEM): 500 to 1000 G. Good for children and for brain. Also for palms and soles. Best for tooth ache, ear ache, insomnia, hydrocele, sinusitis head ache and Acne.

Curved Ceramic Magnets (CCM): Low power 200 G non metallic magnets. Suitable for infants and for delicate curved points of body-Tonsillitis, Nasal Polyp, Conjunctivitis, defective memory.

Strong Uncased Magnets (SUM): 3000 G used for tumours and Cancers. Each magnet is biopolar. i.e. has both North and South poles. They are useful for almost all diseases.

Remagnetisation : All the above magnets retain magnetism for very long periods. If, by any chance its magnetism has decreased it can be recharged with a magnetizer.

Upper Case : General & Local

General : Magnets are applied in pairs. The front, Upper and Right side have affinity for North Pole, while Back, Lower and peptic ulcer apply magnets to the palms (ie for diseases above navel) For diseases below navel like dysmenorrhoea, OA Knees, Piles, apply magnets to the sole of feet. If the affection is on one half of body, like pain shoulder, and knee, apply magnet-North pole to palm and Sough pole to leg. It can also be applied diagonally North pole to Right palm South pole to Left sole.

This method gives a general magnetic flux to the whole body and corrects various disorders. If can be used by healthy persons to keep fit and energetic for the whole day and to prevent infections diseases during their epidemics.

Local application : For tonsillitis, tooth aches, ear-ache, cervical spondylosis, conjunctivitis. Here spot application of magnets is better. Local application especially good for infected wounds and cancers, Use North pole, locally.

In Cervical disc lesion with pain radiating to the hand use North Pole to the disc and South Pole to the palm.

Palm and finger pain: Place the palm or finger between the pair of magnets, North in front and south behind. In case of Gangrene, Weeping eczema keep the North pole at some distance from the wound.

Posture during application: Sitting or lying down, remove shoe or chapples, Don't let the patient sit on the ground. If you are applying South Pole locally face North and Vice Versa.

When applying North Pole and Sough Pole to back you may face North or South. If North Pole alone is applied to back, face North, if South Pole alone is face South. If magnet is applied to the sides of body- is South face South if North ace North.

In general apply to palms, keep legs on a wooden plank. Place Right palsm on North, left on South; when it has to be applied to the feet, place the magnets on a wooden plank, rest right foot on North, left foot on South Pole.

In local application also keep your feet on a wooden plank or blanket before applying magnet.

In the old and debilitated apply magnet in spine position, with magnet over spine or on palms. In painful piles, keep North and South Poles side by side, and let patient sit on them Right bullock on North pole and left on South.

You can let the cotton clothes on for the patient, but heavy woolen clothes should be removed. Don't take the magnet near an open fire, as it may damage the magnet.

Duration : While patient sits, 10-30 minutes should be the maximum duration of application; longer exposure leads to over stimulation of tissues, increases cellular shock and worsens, patient's condition and makes it much worse after treatment. In disease of heart, brain eyes 10 mnts only.

Individual susceptibility is important factor. In some paralysed patients the susceptibility is great, so acute spasm and pain of limbs occur even on exposure for two seconds. Here several sittings/day lasting 1 sec.

Antidotes of over magnetization: Keep at hand ready a zinc plate and Homeo drug Zinc metallicum 6 In a case of over reaction ask the patient to servere contact with magnet and place his hand on Zn plate, give Zn metallicum 5 doses (every 15 min 1 dose).

Strength of magnets : 500 to 2000 G. Use for 10-20 min.

Low power : 200 G can be used for longer periods very small magnets like magnetic neck-lace, bangles etc can be tied to the part (Wrist-chains, Wrist bands etc) Electro magnetic chairs have stronger magnetic fields. Don't sit for more than 10 min.

Time of application : Best morning or evening in disease of bowels-morning best after passing motion and taking a bath but before breakfast.

Lumbago: Cervical disc lesion, apply best in the evening. Application should be Timed with aggravation of disease. But continue application even during period of remission.

Length of treatment : Depends on many factors - (1) type of disease (2) degree of chronicity (3) and structural damage to organ due to chronicity or (4) only functional changes and (5) susceptibility of patient. Diseases of recent original respond quickly like muscular pains which subside even with a single application, while chronic asthma may need several applications of 30 mnts each.

Some patients with multiple diseases require judicious application of magnet. Magneto therapy is supplement to Allopathy, Ayurveda and Homoeopathy in Chetana therapy and you don't have to stop these medicines to apply magnet.

Precautions :
1. Don't take cold things just before, during or immediately after treatment Avoid cold bath after magneto therapy for 1 hr.
2. Don't apply magnet after a full meal, wait for 2 hrs.
3. Don't use powerful magnets to delicate organs like eyes, brain or heart. Maximum duration should be 10 mnts, at these areas.
4. Pregnant women should not be applied strong magnets, as there will be increased chances of abortion.
5. Magnetised water taken 50 ml twice daily or thrice daily but not more often.
6. Don't get your finger crushed between the forceful clamping of opposite poles.
7. Keep magnets properly, after use, don't allow it to fall on ground.
8. Don't bring magnets to other electro medical equipments like ECG,X-ray etc.
9. High humidity and rain can spoil a magnet. So keep them warm and safe, in a dry place.
10. First treatment should only be done byan experienced Magneto therapist.

Application of Magnets in Disease :

Acidity : Including green diarrhoea of children. Advise patient to avoid sweets, starchy foods, alcohol, excess Dhal Take plenty of leafy vegetable sand fruits.

(1) Mixed magnetised water 50 ml twice daily.
(2) Apply 2000 G North Pole magnet to palm 10 min 2 times daily.

Acne : Aggravated by excess starchy foods, constipation, lack of exercise and fresh air. So avoid these. Wash face frequently with warm water and soft soap.

(1) Vit. C.500mg tab twice daily
(2) North Pole Magnetised water 50 ml thrice daily
(3) Apply (Medium Encased Magnet) MEM 500G North Pole to face.

Adenoids :
(a) curved ceramic magnet (CCM) 2 North poles for 15 mnts twice daily in young children, on either side near angle of mandible.
(b) In young children MEM both North Poles twice daily 15 mnts each time. Place 1 Magnet over nose, the other in the upper part of throat.
(c) North Pole oil over nose and throat at bed time.

Allergy :
(1) Mixed Magnetised Water, 50 ml thrice daily.
(2) Magnets to hands, in the morning, 15 mnts.
(3) Magnets to things 15 mnts evening.

Amenorrhoea :
(1) North Pole of strong encased magnet (SEM) 2000 G to lower abdomen South Pole to low back for 15 mnts morning
(2) 2 North Poles SEM to sole Chackras 15 mnts evening.

Anemia :
(1) Take food rich in iron, liver, coco, peas, amaranthus and coriander leaves
(2) Mixed magnetised water 50 ml thrice daily 1 hr after food.
(3) SEM to palms 15 mnts twice daily.

Arthritis :
(1) SEM to palms 15 mnts twice daily.
(2) SEM to soles 15 mnts every evening
(3) SEM to outer sides of knees in the evening 15 mnts.
(4) Take only foods of green vegetables and fruits, boiled. Avoid meat, fish and eggs.
(5) Mixed magnetised water 50 ml thrice daily.
(6) Apply North Pole oil to joints.
(7) Sunbath covering the affected joints with Red cello phane paper.

(1) Egg white lemon juice raw candy every morning.
(2) Yogic exercises
(3) Pranayama 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th steps.
(4) Savasana and Meditation
(5) Podikizhi Brush bath and Epsom bath
(6) Green juices
(7) Homoeo Medicines Nat-Sulph 5 AM, Kali-carb 3 PM Nuxvomica also 5 PM. Pulsatilla 7 PM. Either Arsenicum album or cuprum Arsenicosum of Kali arseni Cosum are given when asthma is initiated by anxiety, if due to anger chamomilla 6X 10 drops twice daily In Children Ipicacuaha sambuscus. Rumex when wheezing from cold air, so also is spongia.
(8) SEM to palms 20 mnts morning and evening
(9) North pole below right nipple and South Pole. Just below right shoulder-30 mnts.
(10) Mixed magnetised water.

Back ache:
(1) Perfect rest on a hard bed with sandbag to back.
(2) Nouka Asana and Halasana
(3) Apply South Pole locally; the to the affected part.
(4) If pain is felt horizontally painful area of back. If pain is vertical North Pole up and South Pole down.
(5) Sunbathing is important
(6) Magnetic belts.

(1) Mixed Magnetised water 50 ml twice daily
(2) Apply North Pole of SEM over Nurphy's point 4 time daily, South Pole at the back just opposite for 15 mnts in the evening.

(1) Mixed magnetised water 50 ml thrice daily
(2) SEM to palm 15 mnts every evening. If pres sure goes up suddenly, apply South Pole to Right palm for 15 mnts.
(3) Magnetic arm or wrist bands

Bronchitis: Do it twice daily
(1) South Pole SEM to Chest
(2) SEM to palms 15 mnts

Cancer :
(1) Only North Pole of strong uncased magnet SUM used (3000) Apply 2 North Poles: One in front and the other behind the affected organ for 20 mnts twice daily. Use North Pole oil over tumour before magnet is applied.
(2) North Pole magnetised water 50ml 4 times daily
(3) In Leukemia 2 North Poles of SUM to palms for 20 mnts bd.

(1) SEM to palm 15 mnts twice daily
(2) Apply north pole oil over nose and apply 2 North poles of curved ceramic Magnet (CCM) to the Rightand left side of nose.
(3) Mixed magnetised water four times daily.

Chicken pox : Prevention
(1) Mixed magnetised water thrice daily
(2) Magnet to palms (SEM) 15 min once daily if eruptions have appeared (1) North pole Magnetised water 50ml 4 times daily (2) North Pole oil over eruptions.

(1) Avoid spicy foods.
(2) Take pulp of Bael fruits.
(3) Magnets to soles 20 mnts twice daily.
(4) North pole magnetised water 50ml thrice daily.

(1) Take fruits
(2) SEM to soles
(3) Mixed Magnetised water thrice daily.

(1) Foment with hot water bag.
(2) Massage with South pole oil
(3) Apply Southpole Magnet locally 15mnts thrice daily.

(1) Wash hair with good shampoo and North pole water daily.
(2) Use North Pole magnetised Bipos
(3) Mixed Magnetised water 4 times daily.
(4) Northpole of SEM hold 3cm above scalp twice daily for 15 mnts.

(1) Regular exercise
(2) Satwik diet
(3) SEM to soles 30 mnts every morning.
(4) SEM to left cos to chondral margin North pole in front and South Pole behind for 15 mnts in the evening.
(5) Mixed Magnetised water 50ml twice daily.

(1) Oral rehydration fluid (ORE)
(2) Mixed magnet water 50 ml thrice daily
(3) Magnets is soles

(1) North pole below navel and South pole at the L.S. junction at the back for 15 mnts twice daily at the commencement of periods.
(2) During the interval between periods, SEM to soles 15 mnts daily.
(3) Mixed Magnetised water thrice daily.

(1) Mixed Magnetised water thrice daily
(2) SEM to palms 20 mnt evening
(3) SEM to soles 20 min evening
(4) North pole over lower abdomen and south pole over Lumbar spine 20 mints twice daily

(1) Take plenty of (Karingali) water
(2) Take M.S.Exract 6 oz bd
(3) Take watermelons if available
(4) Mixed magnetised water-twice daily
(5) SEM to soles morning 20 mnts
(6) North pole over hypogastrium and South Pole over sacrum for 20 mnts, evening

(1) Avoid allergens
(2) Avoid exposure to hot sun
(3) Take plenty of fruits and vegetables.
(4) If eruptions are on upper part of body, SEM to palm, and if on lower portion, to soles for 20 mnts twice daily.
(5) Apply North Pole oil before applying magnets.
(6) Take mixed magnetised water 50 ml twice daily.

(1) Improve Psychological out-look of the child, give it assurance and help to over come nervousness.
(2) Good exercise, fresh air
(3) Treatment of associated conditions like Adenoids
(4) Diet richin fat and carbohydrates (Permitted-fish and Eggs)
(5) Let children pass urine before going to bed
(6) MEM to soles for 15 min in the morning
(7) North pole MEM just above Pubis and south Pole opposite it over sacrum for 15 mnts
(8) Apply South Pole oil before applying North pole over pubis.

(1) Correct emotional excitement, worm-trouble, nasal septal defections, refractive error of eyes
(2) Consume less of carbohydrates and sugars.
(3) CCM -North Pole over right and South pole over left temples 20 mnts every morning
(4) South Pole CCM to vertex of head for 10 min evening.
(5) Mixed Magnet water 50 ml thrice daily.

(1) SEM to soles for 20 min twice daily.
(2) Mixed magnetised water 3 times daily.

Gall Stone:
(1) SEM North pole over Murphy's and South Pole opposite, the back for 20 min daily.
(2) SEM to palms for 15 mnts daily.
(3) Mixed Magnet water thrice daily.

(1) Diet rich in iodine like fish, bananas, turmeric
(2) Iodized salt in food
(3) CCM North Pole over Right lobe and South pole over left lobe for 20 min twice daily.
(4) Mixed Magnet water thrice daily.
(5) North pole oil before application of magnet.

Gum Lessions : Gingivitis Pyorrhoea etc
(1) Diet in Vit. C
(2) Avoid Sweets and Sugars
(3) Brush teeth with tooth paste after meals.
(4) North pole SEM power the affected side
(5) Repeat gargle with North pole magnetised water.

Head ache:
(1) If on temporal region CCM Sough Pole over temples, for head, and over painful spot
(2) SEM to palms
(3) South pole oil locally
(4) Mixed magnetised water thrice daily

(1) Avoid fatty foods
(2) Take plenty of starchy foods
(3) Avoid alcohol and animal food
(4) SEM North Pole over liver 20 mnts daily morning
(5) North Pole oil before applying magnet.
(6) North Pole magnetised water thrice daily.

(1) Take cold water
(2) Tickle throat
(3) South Pole of SEM to epigastrium for 20 mnts.
(4) SEM to palms for 10 min thrice daily
(5) Mixed magnet water 50 ml thrice daily.

(1) Avoid lifting heavy weights
(2) Avoid cough and straining at stools or at urination
(3) South Pole oil over hernia and
(4) Apply South Pole SEM 20 min daily
(5) SEM feet
(6) Mixed Magnetised water thrice daily O.A.

(1) South Pole oil locally
(2) Sun bath of affected part
(3) SEM South Pole to knee 20 mnts twice
(4) Mixed Magnetised water thrice daily.

(1) MEM to scrotum right side and left side
(2) Apply South Pole oil and sun bath the affected part for 20 mnts daily
(3) North Pole oil to the sacrum before applying magnet.

(1) Relaxation
(2) Physical exercise
(3) Light food for (supper)
(4) Well ventilated room
(5) Cold drink of milk with honey.
(6) South Pole of CCM on fore head 15-20 min
(7) Mixed Magnetised water thrice daily.

(1) Diet rich in vegetable, proteins, vitamins A & D, Milk, Dal butter, tomatoes, Carrot etc.
(2) SEM to palms 29 min daily if patches are on upper half of body and to soles if they are on the lower of the body. If patches are present all over body, SEM to hands in the morning and to soles in the evening.
(3) North Pole oil over the patches at bed time.

(1) Absolute Bed rest
(2) Sand bag posture
(3) Nouka asana and Halasana
(4) South Pole oil over Lumbosacral region
(5) Apply South Pole of SEM over Lumbosacral region
(6) SEM to soles 15 mnts twice daily.

(1) SEM to palms for 20 mnts daily morning
(2) North Pole over right calf and South Pole on left leg near medial mallesolus
(3) Mixed magnetised water 50 ml twice daily.

Stiff Neck:
(1) Traction
(2) Cervical collar
(3) SEM to neck. North Pole on the right side of nape of neck and South Pole on the left side of nape of neck
(4) South Pole oil before application of magnets
(5) Sunbathing.

(1) Avoid over eating of rich foods
(2) Physical exercises and Yogasanas
(3) SEM to palm 20 mnts every morning
(4) SEM above navel 20 mnts every evening
(5) Mixed Magnetised water thrice daily.

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